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baby swim lessons

Baby - Parent
Semi Private Swim


The earlier the better! Babies who are introduced to the water early become better swimmers later. They are more confident, more skilled and more equipped to react should they ever fall into the pool by accident.

Make friends,
build skills

Secure a slot every week for an entire season when your family and your friend’s family can enjoy half an hour in the water together. Our instructor will guide you all through different games, songs and exercises designed to initiate your babies to the water and help them develop the skills to self-rescue. Parents can also choose to learn different first-aid techniques, such as CPR and the heimlich maneuver adapted for babies, to ensure they are prepared for every scenario.


From 6 to 24 months old, babies can learn to kick, pull themselves out of the pool, hold their breath underwater and float on their own.


While being in a group can help encourage more fearful children to relax in the water, the lessons are limited to 3 toddlers which ensures the instructor still targets the individual strengths and weaknesses of each swimmer. Semi-private lessons with 2-3 toddlers can be a fun way to initiate them to this lifelong skill, while also socializing and having fun with their friends and yours!

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