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Adult water fitness lessons  in the pool

Adult & Senior Swim


It is never too late to learn or improve! Whether you are an adult looking to perfect your technique and endurance, learn first aid skills, or overcome a fear of the water, our trained instructor will guide you through the necessary steps to reach your goals.

Offer yourself the gift of swimming today

Maybe you never took swimming lessons as a child and decided just to avoid the pool. Maybe you’ve always been terrified of the water, that sensation when you go under and feel like you could run out of air and drown at any moment. Maybe you used to be a strong swimmer, but suffered an injury and now are finding it difficult to get back into the groove.


Or maybe you swim regularly, and are looking for a coach to keep you accountable and encourage you to do your best.


Do any of those sound familiar?


Just know that it is possible to learn and improve at every age.


Our trained instructor will be happy to help you reach your swimming objectives. Whether you are looking to perfect your technique, cardio and speed; learn first aid skills; or overcome a fear of the water, we will guide you through the necessary steps to achieve your goals.


Don’t wait to spoil yourself. Get active today.

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