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Baby bathtub swim lessons

Virtual Bathtub Swim


Can’t commit to a full season of lessons at this time? Don’t have access to a pool? Not to worry. There is so much your baby can learn right from the bathtub!

Make the most of bathtime

Hop on a video call with our trained instructor and they will guide you through different games, songs and exercises from the comfort of your own home. Designed to initiate your baby to the water, these techniques will help them develop the skills to self-rescue. Parents can also choose to learn different first-aid techniques, such as CPR and the heimlich maneuver adapted for babies, to ensure they are prepared for every scenario.


Incorporate these new games and exercise to your evening bath routine and watch your baby learn the fundamentals of swimming.


Make bathtime a fun way to connect with your baby while also ensuring they learn a lifelong skill.

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