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Terms & Conditions


By signing below you attest that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions

terms and conditions

Activity Agreement

24h cancellation policy: 

Easily skip a lesson free of charge up until 24hrs prior to the lesson. The client is responsible for the full cost of the scheduled lesson for cancellations under 24hrs in advance. 



You will receive your invoice after each lesson by email, allowing you to review and pay. 

Reschedule a lesson:

You may reschedule your lesson in your member's area by cancelling the scheduled lesson at least 24 hours in advance, free of charge. You may then rebook your lesson directly through the members area or on our website.



Please notify me by text message if you are running late to the lesson and I will let your instructor know. Unfortunately, the lesson will still have to end at the usual scheduled time. If your instructor is ever running late, I will notify you by text message and the lesson will be held in its entirety, ending a little later than usual (if you so wish). 

Bad weather (outdoor pools): 

Lessons continue rain or shine! In the case of thunder within 30 minutes of the lesson, participants will not enter the pool. The instructor will have games prepared to entertain your child and teach about water safety and first aid techniques. For participants 2 years and under, water initiation exercises will take place in the bathtub. The instructor will also be prepared to teach the parent about water safety and first aid techniques (ie. CPR on babies, the Heimlich Maneuver on babies, etc.) 

Waiver and Release

Warning: all activities associated with swimming present elements of non-negligible risk. While À L’EAU SWIM has taken considerable measures to provide you with a qualified and trained instructor, we wish to remind you this activity is not risk-free. Some inherent risks cannot be eliminated without altering the essence of the activity. The safety of each swimmer is of crucial importance to À L’EAU SWIM. The guidelines and information identified below serve to protect the swimmer from injury and/or illness. Participants and their parents are expected to follow the directions/standards of the instructor and must understand that failure to follow such directions or adhere to standards may place the participant at risk.

Guidelines are as follows:

  1. The participant must have appropriate swimsuit (and goggles if requested by the instructor)

  2. Advise the instructor  if your child is ill or has any prolonged symptoms of illness.

  3. Advise the instructor if your child has been injured.

  4. Be alert for any hazards in the locker room or around the pool. Advise instructor of any hazard.

  5. Know the location of rescue equipment in the pool area

  6. The participant must never enter the water without the instructor or their parents in the pool area

  7. The participant must never dive or enter the water head-first in shallow water. 

  8. The participant must always ask permission from the instructor before diving in deep water.

  9. The participant must never run while on the pool deck.


I am aware that swimming can be a dangerous and unpredictable activity involving many risks of injury and, in the worst case, drowning and death. 

I hereby assume all the risks normally associated with swimming and agree to hold À L’EAU Swim and its instructors harmless from any and all liability.

I agree that neither À L’EAU SWIM nor its instructors shall in any way be held liable for any accident or injury received on account of or while engaged in the swimming lessons. I further agree that neither À L’EAU SWIM nor any of its staff shall be responsible for the payment of any bills for medical services as a result of such accidents or injuries. 

I recognize that all À L’EAU SWIM instructors are certified swim instructors, as well as certified in lifeguarding and First Aid by the Société de Sauvetage. In case of an emergency, they will do everything possible to ensure the health and safety of my child.

I acknowledge I have read, understood and agreed to the cautions, considerations and responsibilities required for participation in swimming lessons with À L’EAU Swim. 

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Media Release

Instructors sometimes take photos/videos of the swimmer’s strokes to show them elements to correct, hence perfecting the technique or to track their progress.  These videos are for educational purposes only and will not be published publicly or used for marketing. At any moment you may request access to the photos/videos or request they be deleted. 

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